[open-science] Introducing Open Science, Citizen Science, hacking & open source hardware projects in Copenhagen

Martin Malthe Borch mmborch at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 13:12:59 UTC 2014

Hello OKFN Science Group.

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board & Group, sorry for double posts.

I am a local member of okfn Denmark  (Copenhagen)

My name is Martin Malthe Borch
I am currently chairman of the copenhagen hackerspace Labitat.dk & the
diybio/citizen science group Biologigaragen.org
I'm a researcher at ITU.dk & I have a master in bIological engineering from
DTU.dk  and a master in Interaction design from ciid.dk.

In relation to OKFN-science I'm part of, or running the following projects:

* We are in Biologigaragen setting up an open science / citizen science
festival during "ESOF.org - science in the city" called Kopenlab.dk
(website under development). Here we would love to showcase hacker, maker
and citizen science projects that somehow relate to knowledge sharing, to
the general public and the estimated 3500 professionals attending the
festival. Let us know if you'd like to show your, hack or your project.
It's the 21-26 of June. We hope to bring people together a few days before
to plan, setup and have fun. More info will come later.

* I have been part of setting up Biostrike - a citizen science project to
identify new antibiotics
Wiki : http://brmlab.cz/project/biolab/biostrike

* We are also trying to establish a Citizen Science Center in Copenhagen
where researchers, student & Ph.ds from the various university research
groups and institutets can meet and collaborate with industry and get
valuable data and feedback from hackers and the public.

* One example is the open collaboration between Novozymes and
biologigaragen, trying to develop open source assay tools:
http://biologigaragen.org/baessy/ for both industrial R&D & hacker groups.

* In biologigaragen we also organize workshops to give the general public
hands-on experience with biological science: http://biologigaragen.org/gen/

* I am a cofounder of diybio.eu, and we are part of the global diybio /
biohacker community

* We would love to create a local open science group here in Copenhagen in
connection to Biologigaragen & Labitat.

We are looking forward to join your discussions here and collaborate on
open science & Citizen Science projects.

I / we are looking forward to meet you all.

Med venlig hilsen,            Martin Malthe Borch

@MMBorch  |  +45 61713656
diybio.eu | biologigaragen.org | labitat.dk |
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