[open-science] New in this list: anyone working in socioecological systems/water governance?

Violeta Cabello vcabellov at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 09:05:32 UTC 2014

Hi everyone!

My name is Violeta Cabello, I recently joined the Open Science list and
would like to introduce myself and seek for peers. I will be attending the
OKFestival next week so might meet some of you there (I already add my name
to the attendants list)

I work in socio-ecological systems research with an emphasis on water
governance. I belong to the Human Geography
<http://grupo.us.es/giest/es/node/2> department at the Univ. Sevilla
and the Societal
Metabolism <http://societalmetabolism.org/> research group at the
Autonomous University of Barcelona. Under an FP7-INCOLAB project we
recently organised a conference
<http://swanproject.arizona.edu/international-conferences> on Data,
Information and Knowledge for water governance in the networked society and
we are now preparing a further H2020 proposal to continue pursuing open
practices in the links between research-society-governments in water
issues.  Within the same project the climate research team of my department
has just released the beta version of  www.globalclimatemonitor.org/
<http://www.globalclimatemonitor.org/>you might find interesting (we may
discuss it at the Detecting Climate Change in Open Weather Data session!)

Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin


Violeta Cabello Villarejo - PhD Candidate
@Vzy_ <https://twitter.com/Vzy_> @WaterP2P <https://twitter.com/WaterP2P>
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