[open-science] Concept Note for Open and Collaborative Science in development project

Jenny Molloy jcmcoppice12 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 10:34:51 UTC 2014

Hi All

*Summary: **Open Knowledge would like to put forward a proposal through
Open Knowledge Brazil to work on building and researching communities of
practice for Open and Collaborative Science in development. Concept notes
are due in 8 September so time is short - if you would like to contribute
read on!*

I hope you have all checked out the excellent Open and Collaborative
Science in Development Network website <http://ocsdnet.org> and where
eligible had a think about applying for funding to further our
understanding of open science. There are four thematic areas:

   1. Motivations (Incentives and Ideologies)
   2. Infrastructures & Technologies
   3. Communities of Practice in Open and Collaborative Science
   4. Potential Impacts (Positive and Negative) of Open & Collaborative

I and many other members of the working group were involved in the
workshops to establish this research agenda and I think the open science
working group is well positioned to contribute research and implementation
activities to theme 3 around communities of practice. I'd be really
interested in your thoughts and ideas around this.

Some of the components of a potential project, which would be led by Open
Knowledge Brazil subject to community agreement, could include but are not
limited to:

   - Analysis of the membership of the open science mailing list and
   followers of the @openscience Twitter account run by Open Science
   Federation to locate members in the global South.
   - Qualitative research with those identified investigating the
   communities they identify with and how they access and share knowledge
   about OCS in their particular contexts. There could be a more in-depth case
   study in Brazil if the local group there are interested as this is one of
   the most active of the open science local groups.
   - Establishing and supporting local groups and open science ambassadors
   to increase capacity for knowledge sharing, including mentoring
   opportunities and links to other open knowledge groups.

To run this we would require volunteers and also some funded time for
project coordination, research and community building.

As concrete goals need to be identified and a concept note drafted very
soon, please let me know if you would be interested in being a collaborator
in this project or a local contact! We particularly welcome ideas and
contributions around research questions that make use of the community we
have here in the working group (and our wider connections) to better
understand how and why communities of people interested in OCS operate.
Particularly, we would like to help establish a network of local groups
that can link into the global working group and the broader open movement.

Input from social researchers and those involved in research for
development are particularly welcome in phrasing questions and addressing
the methodology of the project - please do get in touch if these are your
expertise even if you aren't interested in longer term involvement!

I have set up a pad which I hope will be populated over the next three
days: https://pad.okfn.org/p/ocsdnet.

Dig in - it is of course open to all contributors. Let's get some
discussion going on the mailing list but if you have a specific question
for me feel free to email directly.

Thanks very much everyone!

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