[open-science] [okfn-discuss] Community Integration?: Afterthoughts

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Fri Oct 10 11:58:14 UTC 2014

Hi Svetlana

Open science are definitely keen - how about a meta-community sprint next
week? I can spend some focused time on this and we can explore different
ideas and try out things from the list of suggestions on the open-science
thread you've linked.

Other working group leads and members may also be able to contribute and we
can rethink some of the ways we can help people connect. For example, I've
been thinking for ages about a map view for the open science working group
where local groups and individual members can add themselves to help
everyone find open science activities in their area. Some tags could also
extend this to allow people to look up other members with particular
interests e.g. publishing, biology. This kind of thing probably already
exists and maybe even within the Open Knowledge network.

Let me know what you think and we can get planning :)


On 9 October 2014 21:51, Svetlana Belkin <belkinsa at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> All,
> From what I gotten from this thread[1], I think the only community
> integration that lacking is some multi-categorical Planet feed reader
> for the groups that do want this can use.  My reasoning behind this is
> that each working group is almost like a meta community/hub for the
> smaller groups (local OKFN groups or other non-OKFN groups) and using a
> feed reader that collects all of those blog posts from those add there
> blogs leads to more discoverabilty and allows people to connect more.
> Would any of the working groups do this?  I know that the Open Science
> one has started looking in the tools/software.
> Thank you.
> [1]https://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/okfn-discuss/2014-October/010612.html
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