[open-science] Open Data and osf.io

William Waites ww at eris.okfn.org
Sat Jan 10 16:09:01 UTC 2015

So https://osf.io/ seems to be an interesting service that we're
trying out for managing course materials for a short course on cell
modelling this month. Do we know them? It seems like we ought to.

While perusing their FAQ, I found that they have "badges". Personally
I've never been very convinced by the concept, it's a little too boy
scout for my taste, but anyways it seems as though they have an "Open
Data" badge as well as an "Open Materials" which presumably is about
meat-space analogues to data.

Thing is, here is what they have to say about Open Data:

    Open Data: Authors complete two disclosure items for each Open
    Data badge application:

      1. Provide the URL, doi, or other permanent path for accessing
         the data in a public, open access repository
      2. Is there sufficient information for an independent researcher
         to reproduce the reported results? If no, explain.

this seems somewhat underspecified to me especially given the wiggly
semantic games that go on when talking about "open access".

Should we approach them and ask them to tighten this up, which may be
as simple as adding a like to the Open Definition? Seems to me the boy
scout shouldn't get a badge for academic data that doesn't rise at
least to that level...

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