[open-science] Why do you use MediaWiki?

Raniere Silva raniere at riseup.net
Fri Jan 23 13:15:28 UTC 2015

Hi Ivan,

> Sure you can have more details about my project! :-)

Thanks for share the details.

> I'm planning a project about Cyberbullying


> and I'm undecided:
> 1) create a collaborative platform where people are able to share their
> anti-Cyberbullying projects.
> A "fork" feature would be great.

For a "fork" feature I would use

-   Giti

    Is a wiki site that uses Git and Pandoc. This means that will be easy to
    anyone to fork your project and they can export the pages to almost any
    format (e.g. ODF, DOCX, EPUB, Wikimarkup used my MediaWiki, ...)

-   ikiwiki

    Is another wiki site that uses Git.

-   Federated Wiki, https://github.com/fedwiki

    This one is experimental so I will not use it right now for something

> 2) create a collaborative Wiki focused on Cyberbullying (or a broader
> topic, i.e. Psyche and New Technologies) in order to connect various
> sub-topics and findings.
> In my experience I see many researches may be connected each others, but
> they are presented in different locations and one is not aware of the other
> ones.

You can use MediaWiki.

Solve the problem of information be stored in different locations and one is not
aware of the other ones is a "feature" of the internet design.

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