[open-science] Why do you use MediaWiki?

Ivan Ferrero ivan.ferrero1975 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 12:30:20 UTC 2015

MediaWiki appears to be the best choice for an instructional wiki, though
it seems harder to install to a non-tech like me. :-)
I keep note.
Maybe I can find someone that takes care of the technical issues.

As for the fork, GitHub would be the best choice, but I want the forks to
stay under the same domain in order to keep the identity of the project:

1) it should be able to contain not only the same single project and all
its variations, but all the project related to the topic

2) I want to create some fund raising campaign on it (i.e.: crowdfunding
and others) so the platform should have a strong identity

They may be two different platforms, one instructional (like Wikipedia) and
one project oriented.
How about the former, I don't have a team, not yet.
I may start by putting my findings, and people will come along the way, as
it is happening with my Italian project www.bullismoonline.it : I started
alone and after few months people are asking to participate. ;-)

DokuWiki would be great, the TXT format easier to manage, though MediaWiki
may offer an already known platform to work with.

I keep you updated, of course.

2015-01-25 10:23 GMT+01:00 Douglas Carnall <dougie.carnall at gmail.com>:

> >why do I always read about MediaWiki?
> It is used to run a rather prominent wiki!
> I looked into this a couple of years ago, and settled for dokuwiki:
> https://www.dokuwiki.org/dokuwiki  because the MediaWiki install looked
> complex.
> I only wanted to experiment with writing my own stuff in wiki format
> locally. I liked it. One very nice advantage is that all the pages are
> stored as individual text files, so you don't need a database, and you
> don't need dokuwiki later: each page is a text file.
> I have no experience of hosting one online, so I don't know how resistant
> it would be to all the internet bad that's out there: wikispam is a real
> problem. Obviously dokuwiki addresses this (
> https://www.dokuwiki.org/antispam); how this would actually work out in
> practice, I do not know.
> Good luck! Wikis are great!
> Regards to all,
> D.
> 2015-01-20 13:56 GMT+01:00 Ivan Ferrero <ivan.ferrero1975 at gmail.com>:
>> Hi all!
>> I'm planning a collaborative open website and I'm confused about which
>> platform to use.
>> I think a Wiki would be the best option.
>> I always hear about the MediaWiki platform: why?
>> There are many other Wiki platforms with more features and more friendly,
>> i.e.: TikiWiki.
>> AFAK MediaWiki is very little mobile friendly, no Social Networks
>> connections, and very little aesthetics.
>> At the opposite softwares like TikiWiki (just to name the one I analyzed
>> the most: no ads here!) come with features like blog, forum, points and
>> stars to reward the members, etc...
>> So why I always read about MediaWiki?
>> Best regards,
>> Ivan
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