[open-science] Open Science 101 @ Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint 2016 - your help needed

Konrad Förstner konrad at foerstner.org
Tue May 17 21:01:23 UTC 2016

Hi zusammen,

crossposting - s.u. 

On Tue May 17, 2016 at 11:00:19PM +0200, Konrad Förstner wrote:
>Dear all,
>we want to use the Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint 2016 [1] to start
>a collection of open (CC0) educational materials around the topic Open
>Science in order to make teaching the principals of Open Science
>easier. To get this started we created a repo at github [2].
>You are warmly invited to help by
>- pointing us to other projects with similar aims
>- adding topics/suggestion in the issue tracker [3]
>- joining us during the sprint and after that. We have a slack channel
> [4]. Alternatively contact me.
>- being creative
>[1] https://www.mozillascience.org/global-sprint-2016
>[2] https://github.com/OKScienceDE/Open_Science_101
>[3] https://github.com/OKScienceDE/Open_Science_101/issues/
>[4] https://openknowledgegermany.slack.com/messages/open_science_101/

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