[open-science] Nominated Members of the Open Science Policy Platform

Matthias Fromm fromm at mfromm.de
Fri May 27 08:57:04 UTC 2016

I don't know how you feel about this, but I feel the community is 
heavily underrepresented. We probably kind of expected something like 
this, did we?

Yes, there are a lot of good people from organizational contexts (many 
of them also active within the community), but I think they missed the 
opportunity to "harvest" the passionate enthusiasm many of you here show 
for the topic. Too bad.

Maybe I'm too pessimistic about this. Well, let's hope that at least 
some of the organizational members keep an open ear to all those great 
efforts going on in the community.

> Ross-Hellauer, Anthony <mailto:ross-hellauer at sub.uni-goettingen.de>
> 27. Mai 2016 um 10:31
> Announcement is out: 
> http://ec.europa.eu/research/openscience/pdf/ospp_nominated_members.pdf#view=fit&pagemode=none 
> <http://ec.europa.eu/research/openscience/pdf/ospp_nominated_members.pdf#view=fit&pagemode=none> 
> Some good people there but seems a shame they rejected some of the 
> names from this list (a lack of rabble-rousers?!).
> Still, not stuffed with legacy-publishers (just one for STM assoc), so 
> that's something.
> Thoughts?
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