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On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 9:57 AM, Thomas Krichel <krichel at openlib.org> wrote:

>   Peter Murray-Rust writes
> > It seems like it's critical to immunize even organizations like CERN, EBI
> > and National Libraries and projects such as OpenAIRE.
>   I wonder how the immunization is supposed to be applied and be effective.

ContentMine has used legally valid additions to our articles of association
(the formal legal basis of the organization) that prevents it being bought
by a for-profit. This is common in Trusts, especially charitable ones -
which are legally immune from this and if they wish to be bought there is a
long and complex process which normally deters predators.

However sometimes organizations have a for-profit "underneath" a non-profit
(e.g. Wellcome before Glaxo bough the for-profit) and this can be good or
bad depending on the aims of the non-profit.

> > The danger comes from at least:
> > * well-meaning members of the projects who haven't looked ahead to
> dangers.
> > * political interference (e.g. neoliberal government privatisation of
> > services).
>   The real problem is the subscription model that has libraries
>   spending fast funds on publishers who are then able to buy any
>   innovative scholarly product supported by a centralized
>   infrastructure.

Completely agreed.

> > We must think the unthinkable and protect against it.
>   Political pronounciations and more open-access hypocrisy from libraries
>   won't change the economic fundamentals.

Agreed. Which is why we have to build this ourselves.

I think it's only a few years before libraries become completely pwned by

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