[open-science] Con­fer­ence on Philo­sophy and His­tory of Open Sci­ence #PHOS16, Hel­sinki, Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2016

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*Con­fer­ence on Philo­sophy and His­tory of Open Sci­ence #PHOS16 *
Hel­sinki, Finland, Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2016

Open communication has been a central cornerstone of research since the
early days. In our increasingly data-intensive era, research practice and
dissemination are facing new challenges as well as opportunities. What is
the overall significance of the open science movement and what are, if any,
the historical roots and varieties of this movement? This two-day
conference brings together contemporary open science advocates and scholars
to discuss particular themes relevant to openness in contemporary research
practice, including reproducibility, transparency, reusability, politics of
science, and other topics as well as their historical roots, in order to
gain a broader perspective on these issues. Participation is free and open
for the research and the general public. Register now

   - *Date*: 2-day conference, 30.11-1.12.2016, University of Helsinki
   - *Location*: University of Helsinki, Finland. Small Jubilee Hall
   - *Program & practical info:* See the links below.
   - *Prospected audience*: Students, Researchers & everyone interested in
   the seminar topic. The conference is free. The small jubilee hall fits 222
   - *Main organisers*: Prof. Mikko Tolonen (University of Helsinki), Prof.
   Filipe da Silva (University of Helsinki) & Adj. Prof. Leo Lahti (University
   of Turku)
   - Website:

*Confirmed speakers include:* Caroline Bassett
<http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/24166> (Sussex), Scott Chamberlain
<http://scottchamberlain.info/> (rOpenSci <http://ropensci.org/>); Katrien
Maes <http://www.leru.org/index.php/public/about-leru/office/cpo/> (LERU
<http://www.leru.org/index.php/public/about-leru/>); Michael Markie (F1000)
<http://blog.f1000.com/author/michael_markie/>; Benedikt Fecher
<http://www.hiig.de/en/staff/benedikt-fecher/> (Berlin); Jeffrey Wytt
<http://jeffreycwitt.com/> (Loyola); Inkeri Koskinen
(Helsinki); Werner Reichmann <http://www.wernerreichmann.net/>
(Konstanz); Jennifer
Rampling <https://history.princeton.edu/people/jennifer-m-rampling>
(Princeton); Mikael Laakso
(Hanken); Samuli Ollila <http://nmrlipids.blogspot.be/> (NMRLipids/Aalto), Arto
(Helsinki); and others to be announced soon.

*Rector's Reception* at the University of Helsinki will be arranged
Wednesday 30th November at 18.00-20.00 (registration required).

*Preliminary program* (schedule subject to changes): Each session has two
presentations (2 x 45 min, including discussion) mixing historical views of
science and more contemporary perspectives.
*Day 1 Wednesday 30th of November*

   - *Session 1*: History and philosophy of public knowledge
   - *Session 2*: Challenges for openness in research
   - *Session 3*: Transparency and reproducibility
   - *Session 4*: Research ethics & integrity

*Evening program:* Rector's Reception at University of Helsinki 18:00-20:00
& subsequent networking event together with Open Knowledge Finland
association in Helsinki city center.
*Day 2 Thursday 1st of December*

   - *Session 5*: Academic communities
   - *Session 6*: Open collaboration modes
   - *Session 7*: Peer review
   - *Session 8*: Science and society
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