[open-science] Let us denonce the pseudo-open Public Library of Science

Heather Morrison Heather.Morrison at uottawa.ca
Sun Feb 12 14:10:35 UTC 2017

For the sake of argument let us imagine that I am now convinced that we cannot tolerate any person or organization that is somewhat but not perfectly open.

I submit that from this perspective no one deserves to be denounced more than PLOS.

PLOS uses open licensing for their articles, but their software is proprietary and their terms of use make their highly protective approach to their trademark very clear.

PLOS' advocacy for extremes in openness is clearly hypocritical.

I denounce thee, PLOS, hypocritical, intolerant advocate of openness whilst actually a developer of proprietary software!

No doubt all the members of this list dedicated to denouncing the impure in open will reply to the list supplying this perspective?


Heather Morrison
Pseudo radical open cult member

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