[open-science] We are more powerful when we work together as a community to solve problems

Jon Tennant jon.tennant.2 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 08:53:21 UTC 2019

Good morning everyone from sunny Paris! And apologies for any cross-posting.

Some excellent news to get this week started! The Open Science MOOC
Steering Committee has had a new article published: What Collaboration
Means to Us: We are more powerful when we work together as a community to
solve problems
This is a story about the origin of the MOOC, how we operate, and what we
hope to achieve in the future. Please do let us know what you think, and
what we might be able to do better for the wider community!

Huge thanks to co-authors/partners in crime Bruce Becker, Tanja de Bie,
Julien Colomb, Valentina Goglio, Ivo Grigorov, Chris Hartgerink, Ricardo
Hartley, Johanna Havemann, Bianca Kramer, Christopher R. Madan, Paola
Masuzzo, Lisa Matthias, Monika Schlatter, Tobias Steiner, Rutger Vos, Danny
Colin, Nicolas Schmelling, Erzsebet Toth-Czifra, and Lisa Hehnke.

Also this morning, a new podcast
came out which discusses the MOOC in the context of the wider Open Science
movement. We hope that these both give you a bit more of an idea about the
scope of this project, and what we stand for. Let us know if you have any
comments or thoughts in our open community Slack group

Have an awesome week!

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