[open-science] Distributed collaboration anybody?

Prechelt, Lutz prechelt at inf.fu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 15 16:11:51 UTC 2019

Hi everbody,
do you collaborate with other researchers who do not work in the same building?
Does that involve text files (such as program code or data)?
Would it sometimes be helpful to work with them on such files synchronously and Google Docs is not suitable?

Then please talk to me!
We are building a tool called Saros for distributed pair programming since 2006. It is used by many software developers around the world. We are now looking specifically for research users, whether they are doing software development or other tasks.
Even if you are only 7% interested, please speak up, we want to understand your needs!


Prof. Dr. Lutz Prechelt; prechelt at inf.fu-berlin.de<mailto:prechelt at inf.fu-berlin.de>
Institut f. Informatik; Freie Universität Berlin
Takustr. 9, R.014; 14195 Berlin; Germany
+49 30 838 75115; http://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/w/SE/

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