[Open-transport] Listing Projects and Initiatives...

elf Pavlik perpetual-tripper at wwelves.org
Fri Dec 16 03:35:06 UTC 2011

Oops, have added Stefan Kaufmann twice and omitted Stefan Wehrmeyer =(
Looking at: http://mapnificent.uservoice.com/pages/82843-general
and thinking how we can help with turning this wishlist into initiatives?

Maybe we could start searching for more success stories (Ulm has one alrady =) and based on them make a general guide and local guides for specific regions... But I guess just helping people connect with each other, and finding inspiration on how to approach this challenge, may get the ball rolling...

Looking forward to hear your suggestions!
Pieter, Stefan Konink? ping ;)

Excerpts from elf Pavlik's message of 2011-12-16 03:16:29 +0000:
> Hello,
> I just added to wiki links to initiatives in Berlin and Ulm:
> http://wiki.okfn.org/Working_Groups/Transport#Initiatives
> Does anyone knows more places where people work on making transport data open?
> Also we could list some projects related to our topic:
> Stefan, how about adding http://www.mapnificent.net/ ?
> =)
> ~ elf Pavlik ~
(living strictly moneyless already for over 2 years)

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