[Open-transport] Cities opening up transport data

elf Pavlik perpetual-tripper at wwelves.org
Mon Jun 11 19:35:42 UTC 2012

Excerpts from Daniel Dietrich's message of 2012-06-11 19:20:52 +0000:
> HI Elv,
> thanks for the comment. I might should have explained better:
> the rational for collecting this list was simply to get some local data holders involved in the transport data stream at OKFest. It is by no means anything like a comprehensive list of everything that happens in the transport data realm.
> Makes sense?

hi daniel,

i guess i understand, and i still would look for involvement of people who not only publish data open but use open technologies to manage this data... does it makes sense to you? :D

~ elf pavlik ~

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