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TL;DR  1. Let’s settle on vocabulary, 2. Try to work on a easy api 3. just
forget trying to decide a file format

1. The vocabulary is important
The okfn will be very helpful for this, and it will help to understand

2. It is time for transit data to become ubiquitous

The time is over where transit data was new enough to be an
app/dataviz/analysis on its own. The next step is to have transit data
anywhere. That means  that it should be easy to consume for people that are
not used to transit data. APIs will help to get rapidly working (and if it
is not, there simply will be no transit data in the project). Most APIs
fail to be easy for non-transit experts.

Obviously aiming for a unique API can not work. But I think it is worth
paying more attention to it, and maybe the experience on API can help other
projects. Most API are not designed for easy discovery and consumption.


I believe it is vain trying to find an unique file format : there is
already a very strong contradiction between having a rich format (like
complicated fares, complex routes…) and having a format that is easy to
kickstart (both for an agency as for consumer). There will never be any
converging solution.

Kind regards,


On 16 July 2013 10:39, Christophe Duquesne-Aurige <
christophe.duquesne at aurigetech.com> wrote:

> Hi all
> You also have CHOUETTE which is open source (https://github.com/dryade/**
> chouette2 <https://github.com/dryade/chouette2>, and a nice demo
> http://chouette.dryade.net/**chouette2/users/sign_in<http://chouette.dryade.net/chouette2/users/sign_in>
> id:opendata at cityway.fr pass:opendata with some french open data sets
> preloaded...).
> CHOUETTE is available in French and in English
> It has GTFS, NEPTUNE and NeTEx import and export (the latest, NeTEx,
>  being the very new CEN standard for scheduled public transport data
> exchange), and was recently added a KML export ...
> CHOUETTE also provides a Web Service access to all is PT data (
> www.chouette.mobi/IMG/pdf/**API-REST-V1.pdf<http://www.chouette.mobi/IMG/pdf/API-REST-V1.pdf>
> )
> It uses open street map, provides some data validation tools, and has a
> nice web UI to visualize and edit PT data.
> Also a nice post from Marc Florisson (in french...)
> linuxfr.org/news/chouette-**logiciel-de-gestion-de-**
> donnees-de-transport-collectif<http://linuxfr.org/news/chouette-logiciel-de-gestion-de-donnees-de-transport-collectif>
> and an overview of its features www.aurigetech.com/public/img/**
> CHOUETTE.png <http://www.aurigetech.com/public/img/CHOUETTE.png>
> Christophe
> PS: There is ongoing call for tender, from French transport department, to
> support CHOUETTE development and communication.
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>> Hi all,
>> Seems like this has been an issue for quite a while: how do we turn raw
>> transport data into an API and which format/vocabulary should this API
>> adhere to?
>> * I have found a GTFS ? API in nodejs over here:
>> https://github.com/brendannee/**node-gtfs<https://github.com/brendannee/node-gtfs>
>> * There is also http://navitia.io who has plans to go open source.
>> * Open Trip Planner has an API as well.
>> Are open source open transport data tools stuff that our Open Transport
>> working group should push for? Which one would you prefer rights now?
>> Kind regards,
>> Pieter
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