[Open-transport] Open Data Public Transport List?

Stéphane Guidoin stephane at opennorth.ca
Thu Jul 18 19:45:46 UTC 2013

No GTFS handler in CKAN. Even for pure geospatial formats (e.g KML), there
is no default handler currently, you have to convert to geoJSON.

But I agree it should be feasible to have the geospatial extent (see
lower-left corner here:
http://demo.ckan.org/dataset/afghanistan-election-data) of a GTFS file, so
that we can 1. see to what geography it applies and 2. do some geographical

The issue is that you would like to have such a feature working for other

The good news is that if someone builds thing afterwards, it will be
possible to generate the geospatial extent on existing datasets, so it
should not prevent us to populate the transport.datahub.io!!

On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 3:39 PM, Andrew Byrd <andrew at fastmail.net> wrote:

> On 07/18/2013 09:21 PM, Stéphane Guidoin wrote:
> > Same here, I have started to populate the CKAN instance. It's just a
> > pity that there is not way to add true geospatial metadata (lat/long,
> > geoname id or something like that) or not that I found...
> Really some of that metadata should be collected in an automated way.
> When I select "view dataset" it replies that "This resource cannot be
> previewed. No handler defined for data type: gtfs."
> Would a GTFS handler be able to intelligently interpret the dataset and
> infer/extract some more metadata? Does a GTFS handler for CKAN exist?
> -Andrew
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