[Open-transport] Open Data Public Transport List?

Stefan Kaufmann transit at shutterworks.org
Wed Jul 24 11:50:06 UTC 2013

On 18.07.2013 14:45, Patrick Wolowicz wrote:

> Vienna will be going open data in September
> (http://www.offene-oeffis.at/2013/06/27/ogd-wien-wiener-linien-zusammenfassung/,
> German) but will not be providing access to their raw data. They will be
> using the MDV API. A few developers are now discussing building an MDV
> scrapper to extract the data and turn it into a more raw format for
> people that want this. Other developers like myself that wrote apps for
> public transport open data in Linz, which also is open data and uses the
> MDV API, are getting ready to bring their open data apps to this new
> region too - but only because we read the Austrian press release. I'm
> pretty sure this reached pretty few people globally.

Kind of highjacking this thread: Do you know of any MDV related 
resources (wikis, mailing lists) we might not yet have heard of? Bonus 
if there are people to be found who know their way around that NAV4 
coordinate format they're using :>


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