[Open-transport] ask.schoolofdata.org question

Peter K peathal at yahoo.de
Mon Jun 23 14:03:35 UTC 2014

Harry, I would love to see references to other routing engines for cars
as well (see below ;))

+ there is opentripplanner


GraphHopper.com - Fast & Flexible Road Routing

> I've answered, although I'm quite oblivious about realistic travel
> times for cars...
> On 2014-06-23 15:43, Harry Wood wrote:
>> There's a transporty question just popped up on ask.schoolofdata.org :
>> http://ask.schoolofdata.org/question/339/is-there-any-api-which-provide-realistic-estimation-of-travel-time/
>> I had a go at answering it, but I'm being a bit vague and UK-centric.
>> I'm sure someone else could do a better job
>> Harry Wood

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