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contributing your records to OCLC does not make you an OCLC "member".  
Earlier, Corinne answered this question (on some list... don't  
remember which one) that they are not OCLC members and therefore not  
subject to the record use policy.

The vast majority of records added to OCLC recently have been from  
uploads, often from national libraries. These libraries do not do  
their cataloging on OCLC and are not OCLC members. Oddly, it appears  
that they can distribute their records without any restrictions  
through any channels they choose, but any member accessing the records  
through WorldCat must abide by the record use policy. It's really very  


Quoting Tim Spalding <tim at librarything.com>:

> Does anyone know what's up with BL adding 10 million records to OCLC?
> ( See  
> http://newsbreaks.infotoday.com/Digest/The-British-Library-Adds--Million-Records-to-WorldCat-71930.asp
> ). They seem to be going in two directions—toward open data and away
> from it.
> Does OCLC have any sort of special deal, or are they now subject to
> the clauses about not contributing to efforts that undermine OCLC?
> Tim
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