[openbiblio-dev] Issues installing open biblio

Richard Pope richard at memespring.co.uk
Tue Jan 25 15:56:27 UTC 2011


Rufus asked me to jot down some of the issues I had getting a dev copy
of OpenBiblio working on a mac. I did just about get it working, and
created an install.txt on the way:


But there were a couple of other things along the way:

- The settings file in source control is out of date, William and I
ended up using and amending the one from the live site.

- Installing Virtuoso is a bit of a nightmare on OSX when using
mac-ports. Someone from Virtuoso said to use the .dmg installer, but
I'm not sure that would have worked with my carefully balanced path

- Various things needed patching along the way.

- I had to install ontosrv by doing an hg clone, doing a pip install
didnt work (although I can't remember the exact details of why).

- Installing the requirements from pip-requirements.txt resulted in
various errors later (again i don't have the details) so I did them
manually and a few other things that were missing.

- Getting Python to talk to Virtuoso over ODBC on a mac requires
magic. I ended up installing a random management tool (ODBC
administrator) and trying drivers form various sources. Even now I'm
not sure how it is working :)

- After loading some data I am unable to view any entries or do a
successfull search using the OpenBiblio web interface (using the same
SAPQRL queries directly into the Virtuoso web interface does work).

In summary, I think it would be beneficial if someone who knows the
software better than me tried to do a clean install and updated the
various docs/settings files.

Hope that helps,


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