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Joris Pekel joris.pekel at okfn.org
Thu Jun 27 09:53:15 UTC 2013

Hi all,

First of all, a warm welcome to the OpenGLAM advisory board. So pleased to
see this! We had our monthly OpenGLAM members call yesterday and I would
like to share the notes with you. At the end of next month we will have or
next call and you are always welcome to join.
One thing I should mention to you as members of the advisory board, is that
I will be leaving the OKF next month to start working for Europeana as
their GLAM coordinator. It was a tough decision but I am really looking
forward to working more directly with institutions and aggregators to open
up their collections. I will also stay closely connected with the OpenGLAM
working group from my new role at Europeana, and keep coordinating it.

Secondly, thanks to all the members who could make it. Really nice to see
so many new faces! And apologies for the weird Google Hangout hiccups. I
need yet to figure out how to host an open hangout without all these random
people joining... Although it was kind of fun..

Here a brief overview of what we discussed:

*People attending:*

Joris Pekel (OKF)
Sanna Marttila (OKF FI, AvoinGLAM WG in Finland, Aalto University)
Sylvia Petrovic-Majer (OpenGlam working group in Austria)
Joris Janssen (Packed, Opencultuurdata BE)
Beat Estermann (opendata.ch / Bern University of Applied Sciences)

 - Open Culture track at the OKConference. On the Monday we organise a
pre-conference session with experts from the OpenGLAM network and Swiss
stakeholders. One of the things we will focus on, is the sharing of
knowledge from different countries that are involved in an OpenGLAM
initiative, and how to kickstart your own.

- Structure of OpenGLAM. OpenGLAM wants to be a community effort of
different groups. So where it is still an initiative by the OKF, it is
powered by various organisations and institutions, such as Europeana,
Wikimedia, Open Cultuur Data etc.
- We would really like to make the OpenGLAM blog the place where you
communicate your local successes to an international audience! I think this
sharing of successes is really important and we are not doing it enough.
Many of you local activities are an inspiration to many others. I can set
you up with an account, or help you posting, just get in touch! And don't
be shy..

- The OpenGLAM brand, should it be protected? Joris will look into how the
OKF and other working groups are dealing with this and get back.

*Updates from each person*
Sylvia - first open GLAM meetup - 6-8 people interested in starting this
group. Next meeting on July 9th - try to get financial support, contact
with research union. Start phase. Sanna will send the experiences she has
down for dissemination

Joris Janssen - during summer will continue to work with masterclass
attendees to make sure they get one dataset from each institution (!).
Prepare for apps4culture event.

Beat - discussion with Wikimedia CH - conflict of interest. OKCon financial
situation is not transparent. Ticket price not as high as expected.. Hotels
might be a bigger problem.

Sanna - AvoinGLAM has had monthly meetups, now on summer break, next one in
August. Apps4Finland was launched on june 16th, first time theme/strand for
Cultural data. Collaboration with National Gallery in Finland to open up
their collection’s metadata (consultation, workshops), and National Digital
Library and Finna https://www.finna.fi/?lng=en-gb (metadata will be
released under CC0). We at Creative Commons Finland have translated
*finally* the CC0 license to Finnish. In Oct/Nov 2013 there will be Open
Knowledge Roadshow in Finland, and local OpenGLAM seminars are organized in
5 different cities. AvoinGLAM will receive funding from Ministry of Culture
and Education for organising training, workshops and other activities
(until June 2014).

Joris Pekel - OpenGLAM advisory board in place. Will start working for
Europeana next month as the GLAM coordinator and will stay very much
connected with the OpenGLAM working group. First part of the 'Why not open
up?' blog post published:

For next month, I will send around a Doodle so we can pick the timeslot
with most people attending.

Note taking doc can be found here:

Thanks again! and all the best,



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