[wdmmg-dev] Progress Overview & Planning Session, Tues 7pm

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich at pudo.org
Sun Jan 16 12:00:34 UTC 2011

Hi all,

WDMMG has made some progress over the past month, including the items below:

* We have a legacy API in "Mongo" to support calls made by the flash
which rely on the old storage model.
* Uganda loader and visualization are working against mongo now, as is
the new flash generally.
* We have advanced handling of times, as per #566
* Commenting plugin, #561
* Improved tax share API, #559
* We have very simple stateful params at c.state, as per #563
* Very simple pre-aggregation as specified in #406, to be superseded
by Stefan's efforts soon.
* General UI cleanup, in preparation for theming the datastore.

(I'm sure I've missed a lot, please pile on, AnnaPS!)

To follow up, I'd like to propose that we should have a general
planning session this Tuesday, 7pm GMT.

The agenda would include upcoming tasks such as datastore
visualizations making use of pre-aggregated breakdowns, user
contributions and further data sets to be added. Please speak up if
you'd like to participate but cannot make the time!

In preparation, I'd like to perform do two clean-up tasks if no-one
protests by Tuesday morning:

1. While there is some sentiment that we should use RDBMS in WDMMG,
there is currently no argument beding made for RDF. I would therefore
like to go through the ticket list and mark all RDF tickets wontfix.
This would give us a cleaner overview of the current tasks.
Alternatively, they could be assigned to a new component,

2. I'd like to merge mongo into default on hg.

Best regards,


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