[wdmmg-dev] Q: Integration of OLAP cubes into WDMMG

Stefan Urbanek stefan.urbanek at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 13:43:53 UTC 2011


After yesterday discussion, i've created two new tickets:


My questions are:

1. where to integrate it? Which modules/extensions?

2. Maintenance of metadata: how would you imagine the maintenance of metadata? Adding new or editing descriptions, dimensions, cubes, ... I do not think that maintaining it in a database is good thing without UI, and creating an UI for metadata is waste of time currently, as it is not necessary. Raw in-database maintenance is prone to errors and inconsistencies, also you do not have good overview of what is inside.

Current code i've implemented supports loading of metadata either from a json file, from an URL or from raw dict object. My suggestion is to maintain all metadata in json files, which can be stored in mercurial repository and versioned, then to have a loading script that will load the metadata into database on demand.

3. I already have quite lot of code created not only to consistently maintain the metadata structures, but also for validating them - useful mainly to prevent possible failures of aggregation due to inconsistent metadata. However, it is in separate package/framework. What do you think would be better? Reference subrepository from some wdmmg module (not as external, as included, just external repository reference) or to extract code from the framework and integrate it somewhere within wdmmg packages?


Stefan Urbanek
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