[openspending-dev] [OpenSpending] incorrect csv format?

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich.lindenberg at okfn.org
Tue Sep 25 21:51:42 UTC 2012

Argh, I was being fuzzy - you can of course use all unicode in the
data itself, it's just column headers that are weird. Other than that,
this looks very good!

- Fr.

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 11:36 PM, Christian Sawatzki
<sawatzki at osnanet.de> wrote:
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> Am 25.09.2012 22:42, schrieb Friedrich Lindenberg:
>>>> Moving to openspending-dev for technobabble :)
>> Hi Christian!
>> two comments: I think you have a lot of columns with umlauts, one
>> of them even seems to have a line break. OS currently has some
>> issues with this, perhaps you could normalize things down to
>> ae/ue/oe with underscores? Also, while you can load the data like
>> this, you may want to transpose it first: Make "Bereich" the first
>> level of your dataset and then establish a new column, say
>> "Economic Type", with the current column names as values and the
>> actual number in a third column. This will also allow you to
>> aggregate the numbers to get overall revenue for a Bereich. Also,
>> as a matter of convention, OS requires each dataset to have a
>> temporal column. If you don't have one, just add a fake one with
>> "2012" in all rows.
>> Hope this helps,
>> - Friedrich
> Hello Friedrich,
> thank you for the help. You mean we should design the file like this?
> https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26652418/PP/Ertraege_neu.csv
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> Ba4LJJ7buL0zdfkOnUA8EwqNr98NRUVwmZ1tSfIIqVI4z7YfMo3J9cmiioOqbeA9
> W9qap0NDFfiVsgHQMGXr99WJW8Z9h+gyszkwWvgfwjqgVXLcG9dOCA0dgOZpFB6s
> OOigoKbpyfCRCrhPVk7YTSSdj4jYuIDqfn5bOF3SJIvfgwzIfvX7e3JkYgC2mIof
> 6zIH/oWDR1e9F6rjoaAAA1rEfGX7jZ9rTbqFIahwnydL+jYRmR8F5Yun8GvkDBe7
> jZ4CCLDx5cJyZ/V3b0bnyvtDhd01ZooircrnZsUe1o4gBghI0iizTlLK0UkI5Bqd
> tY43KbzHUDJgAik/mCeE
> =Yk0d

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