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Anders Pedersen anders.pedersen at okfn.org
Tue Jul 2 12:03:37 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Over the past month Stefan has been working to bring the database from
farmsubsidy.org (a European cross-border journalism project) over to
openspending servers at farmsubsidy.openspending.org. It is a result of a
collaboration that was initiated earlier this spring between
farmsubsidy.organd OpenSpending.

A big thanks to Stefan for getting the transfer worked out!

We will be working on the last edits of the website before we make the
proper announce. However for now have a look at the brief introduction to
the farmsubsidy codebase and data below.

*### Farmsubsidy codebase*
The code for farmsubsidy is located here:

Issues are tracked here:

Farmsubsidy has an API here:

If you go explore the data do let us know if the wheels are turning OK, and
please do file issue tickets, if you find any errors!

*### Data*
Data from farm subsidy has been accessed, most often scraped, by the
farmsubsidy team annually over the past six years, so it is quite an
achievement. Depending on the cuntry data quality is varying quite
dramatically, and since 2010 many name or payments from individual
recipients have been blocked due to a ruling by the European Court of

Lat/long: Has been added based on recipient address field or city. I am not
sure if this has been updated recently and how accurate th locations are.
Total (amount): This varies a lot by country and year, as to how reliable
it is. Aggregation of amounts across years, recipients etc. should be at
your own risk.

Here is a sample of an entry from the dataset:

"town": "ANDERLECHT",
                        "total": -3329.3000000000002,
                        "geo2": "Région Bruxelloise / Brussels Gewest",
                        "name": "NESTLE BELGILUX ",
                        "geo3nationallanguage": "",
                        "globalrecipientidx": "BE51869",
                        "geo1": "Région Bruxelloise / Brussels Gewest",
                        "address1": "",
                        "address2": "",
                        "countryrecipient": "BE",
                        "zipcode": "BE-1070",
                        "geo4": "",
                        "geo4nationallanguage": "",
                        "geo1nationallanguage": "",
                        "lat": 50.836620000000003,
                        "lng": 4.3069699999999997,
                        "geo2nationallanguage": "",
                        "globalrecipientid": "BE51869",
                        "geo3": "ANDERLECHT",
                        "countrypayment": "BE"



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