[openspending-dev] Question About the OpenSpending Open Source Distribution on GitHub

Stefan Wehrmeyer stefan.wehrmeyer at okfn.org
Fri Jul 26 18:18:42 UTC 2013

Hi Marc,

On 26.07.2013, at 19:51 , "Marc Joffe" <marc at publicsectorcredit.org> wrote:

> The installation instructions contain the following step to initialize a local database:
> $ ostool development.ini db init
> I wanted to create a local OpenSpending database on my Windows system, but have not been able to find an “ostool” command.  Does anyone know what this command does and whether there is any other way to initialize the database?

`ostool` should be installed when running `python setup.py install` (or `pip install -e .`).
It's a script that is defined in setup.py:

If for some it's not available after running `setup.py install`, you might be able to call it directly. The relevant functions are here:

I guess there are more hurdles coming your way on Windows, but if you succeed, it would be awesome if you could write a how-to!


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