[openspending-dev] Cuts and Programmatically Generated Visualizations in OpenSpending?

Tryggvi Björgvinsson tryggvi.bjorgvinsson at okfn.org
Mon Jul 29 12:24:02 UTC 2013

On lau 27.júl 2013 00:23, Marc Joffe wrote:
> Thanks for your response.  I think the proposed button is a good idea.  It
> would be unfortunate to deprecate the functionality in the Views screen; I
> wonder if there is some way funding could be found to complete the
> functionality.  One way to do this work at low cost (assuming a volunteer
> cannot be found) would be to locate Python programmers in developing
> countries through Elance <http://www.elance.com/>  and have them do the
> work.

Since OpenSpending is a community project I think we should focus on
getting the community to help us out. There are things we would need to
think about like what do we want the end product to look like. Do you
have any specific ideas?

Since our community is still growing we can't be certain as to when
things would be implemented so funding might be a way to get things
developed faster (with dedicated developers). If you're willing to find
the funding the developer community can probably help out with finding

> I would be happy to call the functionality from a satellite site.  Where
> would I find API documentation to instruct me on how to do this?

So satellite sites use the API:

There's a satellite template that you can use but be warned that there
is a small hurdle you have to overcome to get it up and running. There
are a lot of people on this list who can help you.

OKFN Japan has put up I think over 30 sites using the satellite template
(correct me if I'm wrong) so they have a lot of knowledge about it. My
work on OpenSpending also mostly involves using the satellite template
and improving things around it (e.g. openspending core platform,
openspendingjs, taxman). So you can get a lot of diverse help if you
need any.

The satellite template can be found on github:

Just ask away on the list if you have any questions.

> With respect to the existing OpenSpending site, would it help if I divided
> the data set into annual chunks (2012, 2011, etc.) and uploaded each one
> separately?

Well for what you want (show different years on the openspending site)
that's the best option at the moment but I would recommend you try to
keep it in the same dataset. That makes the aggregation api really
powerful/useful to you. It also makes updating simpler.


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