[openspending-dev] Loading API

Karen Ananiev karen.ananiev at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 13:47:33 UTC 2015


We are going to use load api to save the budget data. But when I
use csv_file+metadata I always get 500 HTTP error and there is no
explanation. When I use data package api returns 200 OK but I can find the
data on openspending. Could you please help to figure out what's wrong?

There are the links I use:

csv: http://townlife.ca/themes/Other/budget/data/townlife_test.csv
data package:

I was able to load the same csv manually on openspending.org

Btw there is one more issue: when csv file contains <500 rows it doesn't
show any columns in dimensions tab so it's impossible to create dimensions.

Thank you in advance!

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