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giacomo dalisa giacomo_dalisa at yahoo.it
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Hi to all, 

it is my first time i write ti the mailing list,
i found the italian dataset realli intersting.
I will use the data on waste becuase i am working on waste metabolism in Italy but i use to do multi-scale analysis so i need  some similar data at provincial level.
Can someone help me? where  can i found waste expenditure at provincial level?

Thanks in advance for you help

PS i have a dataset on waste prodcution in Italy from 1999 to 2007 if someone need it i can share or if it is the case i cna put it on line on the opwnknowldge website.

Giacomo DAlisa
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Oggetto: [wdmmg-discuss] R:  Italy's regional budget?

Dear All,

thanks for stepping in to put the data back on the openspending platform.

"Previdenza e integrazioni salariali" expenditure means "Pensions and wage supplementation".

The expenditure data in the Italian regional public accounts represents how much is spent in each region for the whole of Italy's public expenditure (not only the amount the regional government spends). The data is however brokendown for users to know not only the goegraphical area (region) where the money flows to but also the level of government responsible (so you can see for each category how much is being spent by whom).

At the time we set up the data last April, I filled in the CKAN catalogue with all these details  and for the correct English translations. I've tried to find the CKAN entry but can't find it any longer...

In any case everything about the data in English is here:


And, in particular, as regards the classifications of expenditure here: http://www.dps.tesoro.it/documentazione/docs/cpt-eng/Chapter4.pdf

The data itself is should be downloadable in English so there is no need for translation by clicking on OpenCPT at the following link:


Maybe we could spend some time in Warsaw next week to find a sustaionable way to feed this data in.
Tell me where and when.



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Dear Chiara,

Many thanks for your email. The data was actually provided by a team from Italy - so they would be best placed to answer this.

@Stefano, Aline - who would be the best person to turn to for this?

@ All - if we get an answer. Would it be possible to add this information to the dataset to make it clearer for other people who are looking for the same information?

All the best,


On Friday, October 14, 2011, Chiara Mazzone wrote:
Thank you. Can you just be more precise on what does "Previdenza e integrazioni salariali" expenditure mean? What does they include and represent for the regional level?

Thanks in advance,

Chiara Mazzone

2011/10/14 Martin Keegan <martin.keegan at okfn.org<https://postamef.tesoro.it/OWA/UrlBlockedError.aspx>>

this issue has been fixed in part: the data is now available again at
http://www.openspending.org/dataset/italyregionalaccounts , but it is
not on the list at http://www.openspending.org/dataset, so it's not
discoverable; we're still working out how best to fix the latter


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