[OpenSpending-discuss] Update on Spanish budget information

David Cabo david.cabo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 20:48:26 UTC 2012


 For those interested in what's going on in Spain, a few quick updates:

 * The government of Euskadi / Basque Country, the region leading the Open Data movement here in Spain, has released their budgets for the last ~10 years in CSV [1]. This used to be published only in PDF, and as far as I know they're our first government using an open format: the national budget is in HTML, and other regions use their own custom PDF format. I hope to find the time to do the visualization of their budget soon, and see if that convinces other administrations to follow their lead.

 * We've added a regional budget comparison to our "Spanish WDMMG" site, using the high-level budget summaries we could scrape from a central government site. We really liked the visualization that VISup developed originally for Italy, so we've customized that with their permission. You can see it at http://www.dondevanmisimpuestos.es/ccaa/  (And I say "we" but actually Juan Elosua, CC'd, did almost all the work.)



[1]: bit.ly/zvXrXU 
[2]: http://www.dondevanmisimpuestos.es/ccaa/

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