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The Knight Foundation is trying out a new platform for their News
Challenge process which starts with a week of "Inspirations." They
have 44 so far, let's generate more!


The entire process, including submission of proposals, and a new
refinement stage goes a couple of months, but getting your
"inspirations" in now seems crucial to the broader open gov movement.

I'll share interesting highlights via Twitter:
And my trusty old Newswire: http://dowire.org

This is a huge opportunity for those who are passionate about building
upon "open data" to take up the powerful theme of engagement implied
in the Challenge's broad question:

   "How might we improve the ways citizens and governments interact?"

You can get the whole scoop on the challenge here:


  Watch the video:  http://vimeo.com/59499707

Here are the seven "Inspiration" questions they are asking:

MISSION #1 Share Success Stories

What's working? What tools are you using in your community?

MISSION #2 Identify Needs

What do people in your community need or want? What’s missing?

MISSION #3 Identify Opportunities

What are major areas or groups of opportunity? Are there resources or
people we haven't tapped or experimented with?

MISSION #4 Find New Data Sources

What public information do we need access to? What data sources could
we use better?

MISSION #5 Grow the Network

Whom should be engaged inopen government who's not currently? How
might we expand the definition and networkworking on these questions?

MISSION #6 Rapid Prototyping

What kinds of ideas could we build and test quickly, to create new
best practices and high-potential projects?

MISSION #7 Everything Else

Anything that inspires you that doesn't fit the above missions.

Clift back:

Say, one thing I'll be sharing are the results from the thousands of
votes generated on my own poll about next generation priorities for
online civic engagement and open government. Get your vote in:


Quick disclaimer:

The Knight Foundation is main funder of our http://BeNeighbors.org
effort which combines neighbors online with civic/community/government
engagement with outreach targetted to lower income, highly diverse,
high immigrant neighborhoods. So, I am incredibly biased in thinking
they get it. :-) I attended their Media Learning Seminar this week
geared toward community foundations and visited with foundation staff
about the news challenge.

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