[OpenSpending] Hello Openspending colleagues from Japan!

kawashima-hiroichi at pref.saga.lg.jp kawashima-hiroichi at pref.saga.lg.jp
Wed Feb 27 13:09:34 UTC 2013

Hello, all of the openspending community collagues,

I hope this finds you well.

I was very glad to have had a Skype chat with Anders today and happened to know that it would be meaningful to share the Where Does My Money Goes (WDMMG)? activities in Japan with you. 

We have built WDMMGs in two cities: Yokohama and Chiba. Please see these at: http://spending.jp/ and http://chiba.spending.jp/ We built the Chiba WDMMG on the last Sarurday, the International Open Data Day 2013. The Mayor Kumagai of Chiba was there and very enthusiastic about further developing the WDMMG and other interactive public information sharing between the city gov. and citizens in Chiba.

Some big city governments such as Fukuoka showed their interest in developing their own WDMMG.  I am also keen about making the transactional payment data transparent. As far as I know that there are two prefectural governments that have already disclosed bottom-lime transaction data online in Japan. 

I hope that we can further share the development of our activities in Japan with you.


Hiroichi Kawashima
Institute for Public Sector Innovation

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