[OpenSpending] Hello Openspending colleagues from Japan!

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Wed Feb 27 14:39:55 UTC 2013

That's really cool, Hiroichi! Congratulations :-)

2013/2/27 <kawashima-hiroichi at pref.saga.lg.jp>

> Hello, all of the openspending community collagues,
> I hope this finds you well.
> I was very glad to have had a Skype chat with Anders today and happened to
> know that it would be meaningful to share the Where Does My Money Goes
> (WDMMG)? activities in Japan with you.
> We have built WDMMGs in two cities: Yokohama and Chiba. Please see these
> at: http://spending.jp/ and http://chiba.spending.jp/ We built the Chiba
> WDMMG on the last Sarurday, the International Open Data Day 2013. The Mayor
> Kumagai of Chiba was there and very enthusiastic about further developing
> the WDMMG and other interactive public information sharing between the city
> gov. and citizens in Chiba.
> Some big city governments such as Fukuoka showed their interest in
> developing their own WDMMG.  I am also keen about making the transactional
> payment data transparent. As far as I know that there are two prefectural
> governments that have already disclosed bottom-lime transaction data online
> in Japan.
> I hope that we can further share the development of our activities in
> Japan with you.
> Cheers!
> Hiroichi Kawashima
> Institute for Public Sector Innovation
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