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Vitor Baptista vitor at vitorbaptista.com
Tue Mar 5 20:52:41 UTC 2013

Hi Adam,

2013/3/5 Adam Stiles <adam.d.stiles at gmail.com>

> Vitor -- thanks -- this is very helpful.

You're welcome :-)

> Is there any reason why we couldn't fork the code for
> cameroon.openspending.org and host ourselves with our own domain (not a
> subdomain of openspending.org)? I'm a novice coder (collaborating with
> experts) so I'm not clear on some of the basics.

Not at all! Go ahead, fork whatever is closer to what you want (be it
wheredoesmymoneygo.org, cameroon.openspending.org, slovakia.openspending.org,
or whatever you're able to find in github.com/openspending) and use it for
your own needs. They're all free software :-)

> How do projects become subdomains of openspending.org (like Cameroon and
> Slovakia)?

I might be wrong (Friedrich or Lucy, please correct me if so), but they're
subdomains on openspending just because we needed a place to put them in
for showcase, and it was the one that made more sense. As far as I know,
there's no plan on doing <country>.openspending.org, although that sounds
cool :P

If you get stuck while developing and need more help, please send an e-mail
to the openspending-dev list (

Vítor Baptista.
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