[OpenSpending] Launching OS for Oakland, Calif.

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Fri Mar 8 04:33:00 UTC 2013


I sent the message below to the openspending-dev list, but no replies, so
I'm trying here.



As I mentioned on the main OpenSpending list, I'm part of a group in
Oakland, CA, USA, developing a project called Open Budget to visualize our
city budget.

I have considered forking the Cameroon or Slovakia sites, though they have
many more features than we currently have the data to take advantage of, so
I'm thinking it may make more sense to start with just the features we need.

For our first iteration, we basically want the features visible on
this page<http://cameroon.openspending.org/en/council.html?name=tignere#/~/total--2009->:
visualization (with unique URLs on each click), commenting, buttons to
switch years, budget/actual, rev/expenditure, etc. Would also want to be
able to toggle between TreeMap and BubbleTree visuals. On other pages we'd
have other resources, but these features would be our beta app. In terms of
design/CSS, we'd like to start with something like Cameroon and modify from

Can someone please point me to the resources needed to set this up? Not
clear to me if it's more efficient to fork Cameroon and adapt it, or start
from scratch. (I'm a coding novice that's relying on others for help, hence
the naive questions.)

Thanks for any guidance!


Adam Stiles

Adam Stiles
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