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Christian Pauschert pauschert at googlemail.com
Thu May 24 07:24:41 UTC 2012


my name is Christian Pauschert, I am a Cartographer and
Geoinformationscientist currently based in Munich, Germany. I have
programming skills in Java mostly and have a passion for data
visualisation. A map as one can say is a visual database. I was among the
winners of a small data visualization contest in Canada last year. I admire
for instance the work of French cartographer Phillipe Rekacewicz who
published beautiful maps for Le Monde Diplomatique and thus introduced some
topics to a broader audience that would not have had an interest in it by
just looking at the data.  I blog on http://tmaps.wordpress.com/.

Further I am interested in the development of open geographic data and
their tools for instance OpenStreetMap and free open source
Geoinformationsystems like Quantum GIS. I think the school of data is a
great idea and I'd be happy to take part in developing it. I'd suggest to
include some GIS tasks in the school of data curriculum. Some exist
already: https://p2pu.org/en/groups/community-gis/

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