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Jerry Vermanen jerryvermanen at gmail.com
Thu May 24 07:36:42 UTC 2012


My name is Jerry Vermanen (@JerryVermanen on
a data journalist at the Dutch news website NU.nl for two months.

I'm a typical 'journalist who's trying to learn how to program'.
Cherry-picking some Javascript, Python and D3 <http://d3js.org/> to make
data visualisations, but it's hard to learn such skills when the news is
going on and on and on...

So I'm hoping that the School of Data can help me to develop some usefull
skills for data journalism. Great initiative!



Jerry Vermanen
+31 (0)6 29 467 648
Twitter: @JerryVermanen <http://twitter.com/JerryVermanen#>
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