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Dear Velichka,

appreciate your pursuit of this very worthwhile initiative in support of 
an economics data journal. 

>From what I can see, your survey is well thought out. You may want to 
consider an additional question: (Why) would you encourage colleagues / 
graduate and Ph.D. students to submit a paper and data to such an 
economics data journal? In question 6, you may add:  ... if you would be 
interested in joining the journal's editorial board / authoring....

I will get in touch with you (and Mark) about an ADB event of your 

Enjoy year end holidays.

Best wishes

Hans-Peter Brunner
Senior Economist, Regional Economic Integration
Asian Development Bank
Tel  (632) 632 4159
Fax (632) 636 2337

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Dear all,

following the discussions with the Advisory Panel earlier this year, we 
decided that we need to conduct further research about the need to aid 
particular sharing practices. In particular, the idea about a data journal 
was discussed and we were advised to conduct further research and 
establish whether there would be indeed demand for such an initiative.

Together with our Panton fellow Samuel Moore we created some draft 
questions about a potential survey we could share with a larger group of 
economists. Please find here a link to this Google document which can be 
edited and commented on:


Your feedback on this draft survey would be greatly appreciated. Of 
course, respondents would be expected to self-select in answering the 
survey, yet it would be good to have some general feedback. 

Thank you all for your support,

Velichka Dimitrova_______________________________________________
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