[kforge-dev] Upcoming kforge software release and migration of service

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Dec 5 14:15:11 UTC 2005

Dear Users of KnowledgeForge,

The KForge software is about to go 1.0. At this point we plan to migrate
over the existing knowledgeforge/kforge sites to use this software
instead of the (modified) GForge software currently in use. In order to
minimize disruption the plan is as follows:

2005-12-16: KForge 1.0 release

   * To coincide with the software release, the knowledgeforge.net site
(which is already running the beta KForge software) will be upgraded to
KForge 1.0

   * All existing projects and users will be migrated along with
subversion repositories. Tracker data and file releases will **not** be

   * kforge.net will continue as at present, using the GForge software.
However registration of new projects and users will be disabled.

   * After allowing a period for transition and once the new
knowledgeforge service is demonstrably stable kforge.net will be updated
to be the same as knowledgeforge.net. This will probably happen around
late January 2006. An exact date will be finalized well in advance and
you will be notified of it via this list.

If you have any concerns or queries please just mail the list.


Rufus Pollock


[1] The new system will provide tracker-type services via the trac 
service (more options for tracking are planned) rather than a built-in 
system of its own (as in Gforge). Since tracker data has been minimally 
used by kforge.net users migration of existing data will not be 
performed. If this does cause problems please let us know.

A file release system, while considered, has not been implemented in 
KForge because it was believed that such functionality could be easily, 
and much more flexibly, duplicated in other ways (for example via a wiki 
or website). We wish to understand better what release 
process/practice/needs are before implementing something (note that file 
uploading and downloading are of course supported by KForge via svn, 
www+dav etc)

KForge System

User Features:
   1. Project and user administration
   2. Subversion, Trac, wiki (MoinMoin), dav+www services

Developer Features
   1. Simple and powerful plugin system allowing for easy extensibility
   2. Flexible domain model

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