[kforge-dev] KforgeMilestone10 (with extra items)

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Dec 5 19:49:59 UTC 2005

Latest milestone is up and this is the last before 1.0:




PS: John this includes the 'extras' from today which I include below


0. Sort out state stuff as well as event notification (see below)

   0. Implement recursive purge and delete on objects where this is 
relevant e.g.
     * protection object -> permission
     * permission type -> permission
     * permission -> role
     * when i delete protection object i lose all related permissions 
automatically (how do we do this .... is this a good idea?)

   1. Get rid of import * in domain and elsewhere as dangerous: FORBID 
import *
     * core/dom
     * core/command
     * dom
     * command
     * where else ....?

   2. Write lots of tests for general interface using webunit (low 

   3. Finish dav plugin, then do www and frs plugins
     * develop webunit tests for all of these where possible

   4. merge accesscontrol and permission commands

   7. Documentation:
     * UML diagram of domain objects with comments

   8. getProtectionObjectName() method on DomainObject

   9. Write to users list (and add everyone from gforge to announce 

   10. Rename all roles, permissions etc to lower case with underscores ....
     * is this necessary?
     * roles, permissiont types, protection objects (no because want to 
keep casing of related domain objects)

   11. (long-term) fix state to be properly polymorphic

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