[kforge-dev] trac, permissiong working (and working together)

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Mon Oct 17 14:23:28 UTC 2005

Rufus Pollock wrote:

>>> After plenty of random bug pain

BTW, were there any KForge bugs that I should know about?

> http://project.test.kforge.net/annakarenina/trac/trac/

That works. Editing the wiki page also works. Not that I'm surprised, of 
course... :-)

> Well yes, firefox or whatever browser tends to cache http 
> authentication data and will resend it for new urls. This isn't done 
> by the server however. To implement proper 'single sign-on' for 
> services we wouldwould need to set up a cookie scheme. But that's 
> another story ....


Bye for now,


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