[kforge-dev] Hi all. Where to start?

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Oct 18 08:04:29 UTC 2005

Miles Wu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm Miles Wu and I wish to help the developement of kforge. I have had
> some experience with python, but  I am sure I can pick it up as I go
> along. At the moment I have managed to get kforge installed on my
> machine (gentoo linux), but unfortunately I don't really know how any
> of kforge works!
>>From what I have heard from Rufus, the plugins are based on event
> notification (so they are told about events, and act upon them) and
> kforge is very modular. However, I do not know how the frontend
> relates to the backend (django -> kforge), and how the DB/DOM works (I
> hope it is as easy as ActiveRecord).

This is taken care of for you. We have a metamodel where you specify 
your fields and these are automatically persisted for you.

> I have already spoken to Rufus, and we both agree that the best way
> for me to become acquainted with the code would be for me to try and
> implement a plugin of some sort. At the moment he is suggesting some
> sort of statistics plugin (which is notified of the events it should
> be tracking and would store this in the DB).

Having now thought about it I think it would be better to work on the 
file release system (frs). This would simply consist of the ability to 
create a 'release' (name, brief description, pointer to file) and to 
upload it (uploading could be taken care of by projecthome plugin). You 
can see an example of a FRS in the current (gforge-based) www.kforge.net 
site, e.g. here: http://kforge.net/frs/?group_id=12

> If any of you have any suggestions of other things please do reply.
> Also any tips or any information useful to me in implenting the plugin
> would be greatly appreciated.

I am going to post an overview of the plugin system later today with a 
nice illustrative diagram ....



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