[kforge-dev] Authentication bug: not finding the cookie

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Oct 31 09:34:39 UTC 2006

Dear John,

I've tracked the issue mentioned in my previous email to the fact no 
session cookie seems to be found by:


In particular the log gives me:

[2006-10-30 17:38:07,766] Modpython browser handler: Browser client 
request.             |                    req.uri,
[2006-10-30 17:38:07,817] Modpython browser handler: No session cookie.

Looking at the code this implies that there **are** cookies in the 
request but that there is no kui session cookie:

                 kui_auth_cookie = cookies.get('kui_auth')

             authCookieString = ''
             if kui_auth_cookie:
                 authCookieString = kui_auth_cookie.value
             if app.debug:
                 if authCookieString:
                     message = 'Modpython browser handler: Session 
cookie: %s' % authCookieString
                     message = 'Modpython browser handler: No session 

I emphasise that the user in question (natasha) is most definitely 
logged in (and able to administrate her project).

Looking through the timeline the only checkins that I can see that would 
have affected this are:


   * Adding remember me support (I assume there was an associated 
changed to dm here)

I don't really know where to go from here so would you mind taking a 
look at this?



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