[kforge-dev] planning game time!

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Oct 30 17:28:58 UTC 2006

I'll get straight to this the moment I've fixed the bug which means one 
no longer gets auto-logged in to trac (so you are always the 'visitor' 

I'd also like to suggest that we have an irc meeting after the user 
stories have been allocated. This will be a chance to go over the plan 
as well as volunteering for particular tasks. I propose we hold the 
meeting in the OKF's irc channel on oftc.net: #okfn and suggest having 
it at 1830 GMT this thursday.


John Bywater wrote:
> Good morning KForge!
> Last week by telephone, Rufus and I agreed that today is the start of 
> the next development iteration (Trac milestone19):
> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/kforge/trac/milestone/milestone19
> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/ckan/trac/milestone/milestone19
> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/domainmodel/trac/milestone/milestone19
> Both Rufus and I had tonsillitus last month, and I also caught a second 
> virus which made me feel quite bad, so very little was achieved during 
> iteration 18 (Trac milestone18):
> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/kforge/trac/milestone/milestone18
> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/ckan/trac/milestone/milestone18
> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/domainmodel/trac/milestone/milestone18
> Therefore, we find ourselves in the familiar situation of being at the 
> start of an iteration, with a list of unimplemented user stories (active 
> trac tickets):
> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/kforge/trac/report/1
> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/ckan/trac/report/1
> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/domainmodel/trac/report/1
> Now, in August we achieved a consensus regarding planning games:
> http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/kforge-dev/2006-August/000222.html
> <quote>
> (ii) at the start of each iteration, the customer chooses as many user 
> stories as completed on average during the last few iterations, marks 
> these within the issue tracker (e.g. against a Trac milestone), when 
> done the customer notifies the mailing list that this descision [sic] 
> has been made;
> </quote>
> Therefore, now is the time for the "Product Owner" (new XP name for 
> "Customer Role") i.e. for Rufus to move unresolved tickets out from the 
> milestones 17 and 18, and to assign about 4.5 weeks worth of user 
> stories to milestone 19.
> As agreed, when done, the Product Owner notifies the mailing list of the 
> decision.
> Then, members of this list can self-assign milestone tickets, implement 
> test-driven code, and report their progress until the iteration ends (in 
> 4 weeks).
> Regards,
> John.
> PS I didn't write any Python to churn out dates into the future, but I 
> did think of a name for it: the Perpetual Software Machine.
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