[MyData & Open Data] Tool for subject access requests - would it work in the UK?

Aleksi Knuutila aleksi.knuutila at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 23:02:42 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I've been inspired by a service that exists in Germany for making requests
for personal data from public and private organisations, namely
selbstauskunft.net, which appears to have made a significant impact. The
same rights to data exist throughout the EU, and as I'm sure you know in
the UK it goes by the name of subject access requests. Does anyone know
whether there has been an attempt to create a good tool for making the
process easier in the UK, or whether there is a substantial reason it
wouldn't work here? Germany has the benefit that one request per year is
free, while most organisations in the UK want cheques. I know there have
been some calls for such a service before, for instance here:


Very best wishes,
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