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David Stafford staffordd at stirling.gov.uk
Tue Jul 8 09:22:31 UTC 2014

My name is Dave Stafford.  
I am currently employed by Stirling Council as the Council's Data & Technical Standards Officer, I am in my seventh year working at Stirling.  My background is as a data analyst, for the past 15 years I've worked with enormous amounts of content, including but not limited to: finding creative ways to analyse, re-categorise, cross-categorise or re-package input data sets of any size or shape into outputs of any specification in any format.
I have worked hard to be instrumental in raising awareness of data issues at the Council - it takes time to embrace change, but, good things are beginning to happen.  Open Data will certainly be a part of that, and I look forward to working on various Open Data initiatives over the coming months / years.  I am hoping that we can have discussions here, that will lead to my further enlightenment regarding the mysteries of Open Data...
I'm happy to now be a part of OK Scotland, I am very interested in Open Data - I believe that Stirling is beginning to show a real interest in moving forward with some kind of pilot Open Data project - and I look forward to participating in the discourse here, as time permits, to support and shape the work here at the Council. 
Meanwhile - it's nice to meet you.   Please say "hello" if you have a second.
Hello !
All the very best,
Dave Stafford
Data & Technical Standards Officer
Stirling Council
Alternate Reality:
Dave Stafford
Owner - pureambient records


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