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FAO those with an interest in open data and / or improving transparency of public sector organisations
The Scottish Parliament is committed to openness, transparency and accessibility. Ensuring it provides information to the public and others in a way that is useful for their purposes is a notable part of that.
I attach a link to the Parliament’s pilot site for the publication of datasets in machine readable format. I should be very grateful if you could take part in this brief pilot, or forward this email on to those that you would consider to have an interest in the site. We are targeting a limited group of people that we are aware have an interest but are well aware there will be other interested parties that we are unaware of with expertise in this area.
There are a number of questions in the feedback section, please answer as many as you wish. The emphasis is on qualitative feedback so any views are welcome. Your feedback, amongst others, will help us to assess how well the site works, how usable it is, whether there is interest in particular datasets and formats for the provision of data and what more we could be providing.
The intention is for the site to be refined based on this feedback and then for the Parliament to ‘go public’ with the site later this year. We are currently working to convert a wide range of information into open data format to ensure that, once up and running, the site is populated with as much information that the Parliament currently publishes as possible in the future. If there is any information of particular interest to you that you’d like us to prioritise for publication please let us know.
I’d be really grateful if you could provide feedback by Friday 22 May. If for any reason this isn’t doable but you do want to provide feedback please get in touch. I’d also be grateful if you have a nil return, or do not wish to take part, if you could also indicate this to me.
Many thanks
Roz Thomson
Open data project team
https://data.parliament.scot <https://data.parliament.scot/>

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