[OKCon-Programme] Late submissions, final evaluation.

Adrian Pohl adrian.pohl at okfn.org
Tue Jun 14 10:46:26 BST 2011


see my comments inline.

2011/6/14 Sebastian Hellmann <hellmann at informatik.uni-leipzig.de>:
> Dear all,
> There are a total of 3 late submissions left:
> 1. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/375401/latesubmissions/OKCon_OLWG_report.pdf
> 2. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/375401/latesubmissions/OwenMundy.pdf
> 3. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/375401/latesubmissions/SALAMI_OpenKnowledge.pdf
> 1. The first  paper was written by one of my colleagues Christian Chiarcos
> (I am the co-author, but only contributed some minor parts). We were
> reluctant to submit it, because he is a member of the PC and I am organising
> the reviewing. We still think, that it should be included in the
> proceedings, because the topic is as close as it can get. It is a report
> that summarizes the progress achieved in the OKFN Working Group for Open
> Data in Linguistics. It also analyses the problems for opening up data in
> Linguistics.
> I will not include it without confirmation from the PC members, so please
> give me your opinion.  There will also be a workshop on Open Linguistics at
> the conference.
> http://okcon.org/2011/programme/open-linguistics-workshop

I strongly support including this article in the proceedings. I think
this is very interesting for other OKFN workuing groups and the wider
community. Thanks for this article. (A proposal: You might add a link
to the cloud of the linguistic CKAN group in semantic CKAN, see

> 2. Is by an artist/facebook api programmer who stays in Berlin this year.
> His main project is Give Me My Data http://givememydata.com
> He would make a nice addition to OKCon in my opinion, but I am not familiar
> with the things he proposes.
> @Jonathan: maybe he can be included in the 2 days before the conference.

I think this would add nicely to the conference and thus support
giving Owen a slot.

> 3. was sent about 8 days ago by Thomas Kirkham and I really can not judge
> whether it is relevant or not.

I am not sure  whether Thomas concept of "Open Data" is the same as th
OKFN's . Perhaps we should ask him about that. If the project he wants
to present really uses openly licensed data conformant with the Open
Definition, I see no problems with giving him a time slot.

All the best

> Please could you give me feedback as soon as possible,
> so we can finish the reviewing, the proceedings and the conference program,
> thanks,
> Sebastian
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> Dipl. Inf. Sebastian Hellmann
> Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig
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> Research Group:http://aksw.org
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